Air Filtration Systems

We service most units. For installation, we recommend TRANE and Goodman systems.

The quality of air filtering can be summarized based on two major factors: filtration quality and total volume of air moved through the system. A system that effectively removes particulates must also allow significant air flow in order to achieve efficient whole-house filtration. 

In addition, ease and frequency of filter maintenance is a consideration.

We believe a combination of filtration and purification is ideal. This combination is achieved through installation of two systems: 1) filtration and 2) ultraviolet purification.

TRANE CleanEffects
We recommend the TRANE CleanEffects filter (full system is not required) and several Goodman filtration systems.

Goodman Filtration Systems
Goodman offers a range of filtration systems. The Goodman G1EAC, Charged-Media 1" Electronic Air Cleaner is a good affordable option that is compatible with many systems. The GGM Return Air Electronic Air Cleaner is a convenient option that works well with maintaining existing air flow.

GGM Return Air Electronic Air Cleaner

Additional restrictions may apply, see warranty document for full details.

Purify the Air
In addition to filtration, the Goodman UVX Ultraviolet Air & Object Purifier can be added to remove germs and bacteria from the air.

Indoor Air Quality Products

1" Electronic Air Cleaner
G1EAC Charged Media Electronic Air Cleaner

Goodman UVX Ultraviolet Air & Object Purifiers
UVX Ultra-violet Purifiers

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