Service and Repair
We won't keep you waiting.
Our appointments are usually
within a two hour time range.

Most of us have waited an entire day for service only to receive a call at 5:00 pm saying, "We couldn't get to you today." And the worst part is, there's no guarantee they'll make the next appointment. With Affordable Heating & Cooling we give you a two hour window and we really try to make it.

We can't guarantee we'll make every appointment since we do respond to emergencies but we come very close. At Affordable Heating & Cooling we know how important your time is. We promise to never take your time for granted.


If you live in the Howard County or Anne Arundel County, Maryland area, and would like to learn more, contact Affordable Heating & Cooling, Inc. at 410-969-7246 (Anne Arundel) or 410-465-6120 (Howard).